How to add a DM button to your Tweets

August 17, 2020

An example Tweet showing a DM button attached

Have you ever seen one of those “Send us a private message” buttons on Twitter? Chances are you haven’t, or maybe you’ve seen it on a brand’s customer support accounts and didn’t really pay attention to it.
It turns out, everyone can do it. Very easily.
Step 1: Get your Twitter user ID here:
Step 3: Add your user ID to the end of it. For example, mine would be
Step 4: Add the link to a Tweet. It won’t show the button on the composer view, but once you send it, it will appear.
Step 5: That’s all! People can now click on the button to DM you. You can add it to as many Tweets as you want, or if you have your own website, you can even use that link to send people to your DMs.
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